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We Help Individuals, Organizations, Communities, and Nations Achieve Their Health Goals.

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We are a Nigerian company with a worldwide outlook committed to promoting the health of individuals, schools, corporations, communities, and nations. We are a multifaceted Health Solutions and Consulting firm committed to maintaining and improving the great resource of “health” of our clients. Our Vision is to be the premier global Health Solutions and Consulting conglomerate. Our Mission is to help our clients know better and facilitate their living better, longer, more productive lives through innovative cutting-edge services and products.

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We believe a healthy and productive life is not a utopian dream. We are committed to delivering cutting-edge products and solutions to help our clients know better and facilitate their living better, longer and more productive lives. We are ready to serve!

Dr Gbenga Adebayo, 

MBChB(OAU) MPH (HebrewU)Magna cum Laude


Effective health communications is essential for health. Do you have a message? We are ready to help you distill, target and disseminate it.


With the reach and depth of our MedicsNigeria platform, getting the talents and personnel your need for your projects and organization has never been easier. Talk to us today.


We train. We empower. We create positive change. Our team of consultants are eager and ready to help you and your team achieve your learning, development and intervention goals.


The need for Health Promoting Workplaces has never been greater. Your organization can become one. Maximize staff motivation and productivity. Get in touch now.


We all need help. Even the very best of us. Our team is on hand to help you navigate your personal, corporate and program needs. Talk to us today.


We have a bouquet of video, audio, and print educational health titles useful for both personal and corporate use. Visit our online store today.


Struggling to lose weight? Need 24/7 access to medical advice? Need support navigating the healthcare delivery space to get the care you need? Call us today


The Livinghealth advantage of professionalism, precision, pricing, and flexibility is guaranteed for the actualization of your projects and events.