OAU, Livinghealth International, and Profitant Consulting Unveil the Ignite360 Fellowship Program

the Ignite360 Fellowship Program

Are you a student at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) looking for a unique opportunity to grow your skills, network, and academic performance? Then the Ignite360 Fellowship Program is just for you!

The Ignite360 Fellowship is a 12-month program brought to you by the Central Office of Research, OAU, in partnership with Livinghealth International and Profitant Consulting. The Ignite360 Fellowship offers you a chance to collaborate with faculty and industry experts and showcase your talents and achievements.

Program Highlights:
• Mentorship sessions with university leaders and professionals.
• Networking opportunities with faculty, researchers, and administrative staff.
• Participation in university events and workshops.
• Final showcase event to present experiences and insights.

the Ignite360 Fellowship Program
Register now for the Ignite360 Fellowship program

This program is open to undergraduates (200-level to 600-level) and postgraduate students at OAU.

To Apply:
The deadline for application is: January 31st, 2024

A selection committee will evaluate applications based on academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, and leadership potential. There will be a two-week orientation for successful applicants.
NOTE: There is no stipend for fellows during the program.

The Ignite360 Fellowship is more than just a program. It is a journey of discovery, learning, and growth. It is a chance to ignite your potential and shape your future. Don’t miss this opportunity. Apply now!

Ignite360 Fellowship: Nurturing Minds, Fostering Futures

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